Breaking a Broody Hen

Since this video was filmed, Coco, the hen in the cage was released from solitary confinement still broody. It looks like for her, this method wasn’t effective, although she was only in for 2 days. I spoke with a friend of mine who has kept hens a long time, and she suggested I just try to let her hatch out some fertile eggs. She keeps roosters so her eggs are all fertile. She let me take that day’s fertile eggs, so Coco is happily sitting on her clutch! I have candled the eggs, and several are developing nicely, so we should have chicks in a few weeks!

Coco's Fertile Clutch of Eggs

A quiet nest for Coco.

She's such a cute little Mommy in waiting!

After we let Coco sit on her clutch, another one of our hens Noodle, decided that she also wanted to sit on eggs…in fact, she wanted to sit on Coco’s eggs. With her. In the same nest. That wasn’t going to happen, so Noodle went into “solitary” and after 4 days (I know, it killed me to keep her in there that long) she has come out and has no interest in sitting on eggs anymore. The verdict? It seems to work sometimes, and maybe I just didn’t leave Coco long enough. Definitely something to try!


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