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My name is Karis and I’ve got worms!

I like to start conversations that way and see what happens.

One of my motto’s in life is. “Ready! Fire! Aim!” That’s how I approach gardening, cooking, craft projects, laundry (when I approach it at all) and this blog.

I am the wife to a hot cinematographer and producer named Mike, mom to two precious, spunky,smart, hilarious and stinky little girls and dog mom to 80 pounds of spotted doggy love. I keep a coop full of hens who lay beautiful eggs for me daily. I have several formal vegetable gardening spaces and use the concepts of Permaculture and edible landscape to both beautify every inch of my suburban lot, and provide the healthiest food possible for my family.

I have 12 fruit trees, 4 grape vines and several berry bushes. I compost and vermicompost. That’s where the worms come in.

I sing, write, read, cook, craft, sew, make soap, watch NCIS, drink a lot of coffee and apparently love to natter endlessly to a video camera.

My last meal would be French bread, French cheese and a California red.

Most importantly, I am redeemed by a God who has shown me enormous grace. I love the Lord, not because it comes naturally, is easy, or makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside, but because it’s the only response that I could have to a God who was willing to let His Son die in my place. As He is cultivating the dusty stretches of wasteland in my heart, I am cultivating the dust that collects in the yard of my Sonoran Desert home. And don’t fret, that’s about as existential as its going to get around here.

8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi, Karis,

    I met you and your adorable girls at Summerwinds in the herb and vegetable section about 10 days ago. I have meant to contact you before to let you know how impressed I was with yours and your cute girls’ online projects. I couldn’t locate the girls’ site, so please send me that link to forward to my grandchildren in Idaho:)

    Re: your blog, I love it!! I forwarded it to one of the co-owners of Urban Farm Nursery, Shannon Boomer.

    Your blog and your ‘earthworks’ projects are so inspiring…gives me the impetus to continue developing my “Grandma Baa” blog on holistic living.

    I recently took a fantastic class at Urban Farm Nursery called Train the Trainer. The group I met would love what you do, I’m sure. Plus the New Vision Ctr for Spiritual Living Church I attend right next to Summerwinds on Tatum has a Green Living ministry that is always looking for sustainability/green living expertise presenters:) Let me know if this is ever of interest.

    I live close to Paradise Valley Hospital and would love to have you drop by sometime if you’re in the area.

    Holistic Living is my passion and sharing organic, sustainable living with my family–most esp with my grandchildren is a key component of that:)!

    Blessings! Janet:) (Grandma Baa)

  2. Janet,
    Thanks so much for contacting me. I remember meeting you at the plant nursery and really enjoyed our chat. Please let your friends at church know about my blog as I will continue to post information as well as my many real-time gardening experiments.

    I am very familiar with the Urban Farm, in fact, I linked to their planting calendar on the sidebar of my blog because it is the most locally relevant information of its kind that I am aware of. I love what they are doing, and I can’t wait to visit their new plant nursery when I get a free Saturday.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. My daughters’ blog is http://www.theneighborhoodhelp.wordpress.com. Hope your grandkids enjoy it! I edited your contact info out of the comment you left because I didn’t think you wanted the entire internet to have it, but I’ve got it so I will give you a call!


  3. Thank you, Karis:):) I have shared your website with a number of friends/family:) I love what you and your family are doing.
    I am meeting with a man who oversees a refugee community garden Monday. Also finding that there are community gardens seem to be a major topic of interest in various neighborhoods. I’d like to link what all VOS community garden projects in the future on my blog. Will keep you posted:)

  4. HI,
    Can you reveal the name of the landscaping co. where you got your mulch (from your video) ? The only way I am going to get rid of the bermuda is to bury it!

  5. I just tripped over your blog, and I’m already hooked! šŸ™‚
    I’m a gardener, too…though I mainly stick to flowers and tomatoes. I live in Kansas, which technically isn’t a desert, but I’m thinking I need to learn more about arid gardening after the last couple of summers here…

  6. Thanks for visiting me here Hannah! Yes, these arid gardening tips may become even more useful as people who have never had to worry about dry weather are now dealing with it because of droughts. Keep reading…lots more to come!

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